Molding Options

Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to a room gives a look of elegance, elevating your home into a palace. Every Real Estate Agent loves pointing out how much it also elevates the value.

3 1/4" - $3.95 per Ln Ft

5 1/4" - $4.95 per Ln Ft

5 1/4" - $5.95 per Ln Ft


Every home needs a finishing touch. Many homes come with standard BULK baseboards, and raising the height of your current baseboard, raises the WOW factor of your home.

3 1/4" - $3.09 per Ln Ft

5 1/4" - $3.49 per Ln Ft

5 1/4" - $5.49 per Ln Ft

Casing & Chair Rail

Casing is the trim that encases your doors and is often used on windows and pass-throughs. Chair Railing is a wall molding, used to prevent chairs from damaging walls. It is a great way to two-tone your walls and is excellent for increasing the elegance of your home

2 1/4" - $2.99 per Ln Ft

3 1/4" - $3.09 per Ln Ft

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